Solid Mechanics Related Courses 2017-2018

This page details a selection of the taught courses relevant to Solid Mechanics taking place this academic year across the University.

These courses may be subject to change depending on teaching resources. Please check with the relevant department before attending courses and before using any of the linked resources below outside the university.

Engineering Department

Refer to the Reading lists for recommended reading.

  • 1st Year Undergraduate Courses
    • Bending and Torsion, P Taylor, MT+HT.
    • Materials and Solid Mechanics, J E Huber, MT+HT.
  • 2nd Year Undergraduate Courses
    • Elastic Analysis of Structures, A Blakeborough, MT.
    • Structural Failure, A Blakeborough, HT.
    • Mechanics of Materials, M Thompson, MT.
    • Mechanical Vibrations, R Daniel, MT.
  • 3rd Year Undergraduate Courses
    • Engineering Computation, R Daniel, A Zisserman and A Korunsky, MT.
    • Elasticity and Linear Material Behaviour, N Petrinic, HT.
    • Mechanics of Linear Behaviour, M Thompson, HT.
    • Non-linear Material Behaviour, A Cocks, HT.
    • Engineering Alloys, A Korsunsky, HT.
    • Metals, R Reed, MT.
    • Polymers and Ceramics, A Korsunsky and C Siviour, MT.
    • Composites, J Tan, MT.
    • Basic Solid Mechanics, H Burd, MT.
    • Biomechanics, C Ye and A Zavatsky, MT+HT.
  • 4th Year Undergraduate Courses
    • Creep, A Cocks, HT.
    • Micromechanics of Alloys, A Jerusalem, HT.
    • Deformation of Polymers, J Tan, HT.
    • Fatigue and Fracture, F Hofmann, HT.
    • Impact, C Siviour, MT.
    • Tribology, D Nowell, MT.
    • Plates and Shells, P Taylor, MT.
    • Structural Dynamics, M Williams, MT.
    • Mechanics of Soils, H Burd, HT.
    • Metamaterials and Plasmonics, E Shamonina, HT.
    • Mechano-biology, M S Thompson, MT.
    • Tissue Engineering, C Ye, MT.

Materials Science Department

Up to date lecture lists and timetables and course synopses can be found here, and some further information about individual courses can be found on Weblearn. Anyone who wants to attend a course should contact the lecturer directly for permission.

  • 1st Year Undergraduate Courses
    • Structure of Materials, MT+HT+TT.
    • Properties of Materials, MT+HT+TT.
    • Transforming Materials, MT+HT+TT.
  • 2nd Year Undergraduate Courses
    • Surfaces and Transformation, MT+HT+TT.
    • Electronic Properties of Materials, MT+HT+TT.
    • Mechanical Properties, MT+HT+TT.
    • Engineering Applications of Materials, MT+HT+TT.
  • 3rd Year Undergraduate/Postgraduate Courses
    • Materials and Devices for Optics and Optoelectronics, J Smith, MT.
    • Strength and Failure of Materials, A Wilkinson and S Roberts, MT.
    • Nanomaterials, V Burkalov and C Nörenberg, MT.
    • Prediction of Materials Properties, F Giustino, MT.
    • Engineering Ceramics: Synthesis and Properties, R Todd, MT.
    • Advanced Engineering Alloys and Composites, M Galano and D Armstrong, HT.
    • Advanced Manufacture with Metals and Alloys: Processing, Joining and Shaping, P Grant and K O'Reilly, HT.
    • Devices, Memory and Storage, R Wilshaw, C Grovenor and A Watt, HT.
    • Biomaterials and Natural Materials, J Czernuszka, HT.
    • Advanced Polymers, H Assender and M Telling, HT.
    • Materials for Energy Production, Distribution and Storage, T Marrow and K Porfyrakis, HT.
    • Early Metallurgy, J Northover and C Salter, HT.
    • X-ray Diffractometry, C Grovenor, MT.

Mathematical Institute

Department of Physics